Morton Rachofsky z”l was many things to those who knew him: A loving son, brother, and uncle; an artist, inventor, and businessman. To DJHS, Morton was a long-time friend and supporter, a member who was always ready with a smile and wry observation as well as compliments to our staff and leadership when he recognized a job well done. Morton was a willing participant as we began to expand our Oral History Project and gave DJHS access not only to his long family history in Dallas but also to his evolution as an artist and sculptor. Thanks to a generous grant from the Sam Feldman Family; we not only hold several original pieces of his sculpture and inventions in our Archive, but a new permanent fund establishes the Morton Rachofsky Oral History Archive, which currently includes over 750 recorded Oral History interviews. Donations to the fund may be made at


It’s not every day that you can hear from past Jewish movers and shakers that have had a tremendous impact on the Jewish community. At DJHS, we make that thought a reality. Featuring more than 400 interviews in a variety of formats, we bring you history from those who have paved the way and shared some of the greatest words and experiences. Don’t miss out on this great resource, and take a listen to those whose incredible stories celebrate our history, our diversity and their wealth of dedication to making our community a better place.



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